I grew up in northern Illinois before heading off to college at Syracuse University in New York where I earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree. As part of that program, I spent a year studying abroad in Florence, Italy where I was exposed to history and design theories that have had a lasting influence on me and the way I look at the world. I currently reside in San Diego, California and try to travel as often as I can with my sketchbook and camera. 

Stemming from my background in architecture and love of international travel, my artwork seeks to diagram and interpret specific places, buildings, and other elements of the constructed world. Each piece is shaped by how I personally experienced that space, by things such as weather, light, noise, and activity. The pieces are primarily mixed media, comprised of acrylic paint, ink and pencil, digitally altered personal photographs, fragments of maps, and pages from antique travel guides.

A central tenet of my work is that art should make a difference in the world. To that end, a portion of the proceeds from each sold work is donated to a charitable organization.

For 2023, donations are being made to the following organization:

· The San Diego LGBT Community Center

· International Rescue Committee


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